Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sci-Fi Models - Part 2!

Painted! Warlock Destroyer and Starfuries

Presenting my (mostly) painted Warlock and Starfury fighters.  Note the painted sensor boom, darker grey highlights on the gun and missile barrels, and the lighted windows painted to the sides.  On the Starfuries, the main detail I've added lately is the canopy lines.  All that's left is to paint the base and stand pegs block on the Warlock!

Painted! Omega Destroyer

I'm pretty proud of this one.  My Omega class destroyer is fully painted and detailed.  Note the black hanger and red-tipped sensor boom on the bow, the red missile doors going down the sides, and the black/red engines to the stern.  Bases are fully painted black and it's ready for duty.


This is the full collection of sci-fi models between me and my office-mate at work.  Most of the ships are mine.  Ships that are notably NOT mine include the massive awesome-looking hand-painted USS Defiant on the far right, the Babylon 5 station on the left, and the very well-painted Sharlin Warcruiser near the center.

Front of this table is our Babylon 5 fleets.  My Earthforce ships to the left, followed by Minbari and Interstellar Alliance ships in the middle, then a Narn G'Quan and a Centauri fleet after that to the right.

Behind that is a line of every Enterprise from Star Trek, from original series, the refit Enterprise A, all the way to E.  In addition, we've got a Klingon Bird of Prey, and a few other assorted Federation ships.  I can take zero credit for painting any of these, they're all pre-painted miniatures.

To the right, we have a few Battlestar Galactica ships.  My office-mate has a well-painted Battlestar Pegasus at his home, missing from this picture.

Finally, on the back-left, is my beautiful NSEA Protector from Galaxy Quest.  I can't take credit for painting it, but it's a big model and a real beauty!

My future modeling goals will be to paint my Excalibur model and my Galactica model.  I may buy some more ships next month, as well, and I'm open to suggestions :D

Thanks for taking a look!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Babylon 5 Models!

Just a quick post today, I've got two models I wanted to show off to the internet:  My two favorite ships from one of my favorite shows, Babylon 5.

First up: The Excalibur
 (I just got this one tonight!!) One of only two Victory Class Destroyers ever made by the Insterstellar Alliance, the Excalibur is the largest and most powerful warship ever made by the young races.  It has artificial gravity, full gravitic propulsion, vorlon beam turrets, and a massively destructive Lightning Cannon capable of destroying nearly any target in a single shot.  This model measures roughly 6 inches long and 4 inches tall, including the stand (the real ship would measure 2,012 meters in length, making this roughly 1:13,000 scale).  It took maybe 3 hours of work to assemble, and it is not painted yet.  It is made of solid pewter and is quite hefty.  You can purchase this model right HERE!  I hope to use it in a game of The Babylon Project quite soon!

Next: The Warlock Class Destroyer
The Warlock Class destroyer is the most advanced warship developed by the Earth Alliance, and the first with artificial gravity along with a hybrid gravitiy propulsion system.  Rarely ever seen on Babylon 5 or Crusade, this design is still a fan-favorite because of its sleek, menacing, yet utilitarian look.  There are rumors of shadow technology hidden in some of the computer systems...  The real ship measures about 1900 meters in length.  You can buy this model HERE!  With missiles and strong beam weapons, I've used this model in The Babylon Project already, and it's a great ship.  I have since painted it, and I'll share some pictures of my painted models soon.