Sunday, November 25, 2012

Adventures at $0.25/$0.50 Fixed Limit Hold'em

Super fishy table, 45% see flop, $4 average pot size.  They're all drunk, according to the chat.  This is all a single session. Typing as the hands happen.

AKs preflop.  cap it preflop against fish that do that with any 2 cards almost.  Call flop with enough pot odds to draw to 6 outs.  Turn gutshot, 2 overs, and nut flush draw, call again with correct pot odds.  Fold river when I missed.  Opponents had J4 for two pair, and AJ for TPTK.

JJ, 3 bet it preflop and get 4 callers.  Bet dry low flop, 4 callers.  Aggro guy bets turn and river, I call and another guy calls.  He had A8 for top pair 8s.   The other caller had 46 and made 2 pair.

limp-call A2s. I flop A7A.  Get a good amount of value vs TT. love the fish.

JJ, cap it preflop 4 way.  A high flop, it checks around.  Turn, someone bets, I call, aggro guy c/r, other player calls.  I think, crap, he's got an A, guess I have to fold.  On the river they showdown two low pairs that I beat.

JQo pre, call a raise, guy behind me 3 bets and aggro guy 4 bets.  I fold.  Flop is 54Qr.  Tons of action.  3 better had KK.  He lost to T5o that made 2 pair on the river (in a 4-bet pot).  Aggro guy had 74s that he 4 bet with.  And got to the river with garbage and showed down.  And of course I played it perfectly calling the raise with JQo against the two people I was ahead of, and folding to the 3-bet by KK.

Just saw TT double barrel a KQ8 flop.  Lost to Q4s.  A5 (A high) also called down the whole way.

Just saw KK lose to a flopped set of 3s.

We're now 5 handed at the table.

Q2, free flop from the small blind.  Flop air, checks around.  Turn Q, I bet for value, aggro guy calls, 3rd guy folds.  River I bet again, he raises, I call, he had bottom pair, I win.

A6o, raise on BU, aggro guy 3 bets, I 4 bet for value, he 5 bets, I call.  Postflop I call every street unimproved.  He had 22, river counterfeit him and I won.

6 bet with AJo pre against aggro fish, called his 7 bet.  C-bet flop, get called, then we check it down.  He had 46o, my A high wins a hefty pot

9 handed again.

Just 3 barreled with top 2 pair, rivered boat, got raised, 3 bet river, he flatted with 2nd pair.  Love the fish.

Just folded QTs facing a raise and 3 bet ahead of me.  Flop AK7, turn J.  The aggro fish who 3 bet had AK.  I'm sure I would have stacked him (or close enough, for a limit game, this guy can't let go of bottom pair, to say nothing of 2 pair).  Sigh, guess I still played it well.

Just saw middle pair get 3 streets of value against 4 people and win at showdown.

55, call a raise. Flop A73.  I fold to a bet from an unknown.  On the river, Q3 for bottom pair was the best hand and won.  The player had bet all 3 streets and called a raise on the turn with it.

Just saw KK lose to both 23s and 65o on the river - 23 made 2 pair, 56 made a straight.

Just saw someone 10-bet it on the flop and almost get all in before flatting, with an 8 high flush draw on a monotone flop.  Got it in on the turn when the 4th club hit.  A set called him.

Just saw 3 sets in a row (from different people but consecutive hands).  Kind of unlikely, huh?

KQo, flop KQ2.  4 bet on the flop, lots of action.  He shows 82o for bottom pair, I win a $10 pot.

AJo pre,  raise it, lots of callers.  Flop KJx.  Checks all the way through.  Turn T, I value bet, aggro fish raises, another aggro fish calls, I call.  River checks through.  I win a $7 pot.  The others had garbage.

just limped first-in on the BU with QTo, 9 handed.  both blinds folded, even the BB, despite no raise at all, and I win the pot.  Weird, considering this is like a 50% see flop table.  I have no idea what happened.

Just rivered the nut flush, lost to a full house (he had 34s).  The guy flatted after there was $8 in the pot on the river, I have NO idea why he didn't stack off, I would have against these fish.  He had like $10 behind, too.

And just got a walk in the BB... weird, again.  Next hand I see people limping with K4o and 62o.   Can't imagine what they're all folding.

Alright, table is pretty short handed and all the drunk fish signed off.  It's like reg 6 max now.  Booking a +$7.87 win, before rakeback.  Actually not that great, considering the amazing fishiness.  It was like playing at the Casino again, except limit instead of no limit.  Incredible.