Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Painted! One Narn Cruiser and two Minbari Fighters

I got my most dreaded ship painted up: my Narn G'Quan Heavy Cruiser, from Babylon 5.  The striping pattern I decided to just freehand, on top and bottom, which took a while!  I had to sacrifice some specific details on this ship, which I'm prepared to live with: Each black stripe pattern ought to have a thin white outline, and I simply don't have the tools for that right now; also, right through the center of the ship beneath the pylons, there should be a green stripe with Narn characters that I presume are the ship name or serial number.  I could not paint that on, as the bridge pylon was already glued on.  I still think it looks pretty darn good!

The red color is Testors Insignia red, and the black striping is simply flat acrylic black.  I also used a black wash for the metal sections in the middle, to give them more depth and detail.  The rear of the engine nozzles are also painted black, although not shown here.

Reference Picture

I also have two Minbari Nial Heavy fighters.  The paint scheme was not difficult: I mixed a base coat of blue, then used a darker blue shade for the detailing along the center and weapon pylons.  The cockpit and gun ports are detailed in black.  Because it's an organic ship design, I actually really enjoyed painting it, because you don't have to worry whatsoever about straight lines.  I could just move the brush around to paint those little lines and blotches and it all looks great without too much effort!

Reference Picture

Monday, February 9, 2015

My Centauri and Colonial Fleets, fully painted!

From Left to right: TOS Tiger Destroyer, TOS Battlestar, Nu Tiger Destroyer, Charon Escort, Berzerk Gunstar, Charon Escort, Nu Battlestar, Moobreaker Dreadstar, Starslayer Dreadstar, Peltast Gunstar.
Based on my ship designs in Full Thrust, this Battlestar Fleet is 4,469 fleet points in total.

Side view.  All ships are from Ravenstar Studios except the Nu Tiger Destroyer, which comes from Iron Wind Metals

Two Vorchan Warbirds in on the sides, a Primus Battlecruiser in the center, surrounded by four Sentri fighters.
Based on my ship designs in Full Thrust,  this Centauri fleet is 995 points in total.

Side view.  All ships are from Agents of Gaming