Thursday, March 26, 2015

Mech details, washes, highlights

This week I've gotten my Battletech miniatures washed and highlighted, and they're looking pretty good!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Modeling update - Mechs, Discovery One

The biggest update this week is acquiring a Micron pen!  It's super tiny, great for small details like panel lines:

I think the ship really "pops" now with the windows and panel lines!

Yesterday, I also received a beautiful model of Discovery One (from 2001: A Space Odyssey) from Shapeways.  I'm very impressed with the detail and quality.  

I used the micron pen on the windows, but beyond that haven't touched it.  I may do a wash in some places like the pod bay doors, or maybe some grey panel lines, but the ship in general is very pristine white and I may just preserve that.  The ship is very large for a miniature!

And this weekend I'm working on some Battletech miniatures from Ironwind Metals.

Unpainted pewter.  I have two Vulture variants, a Madcat, and a Marauder, some of my favorite mechs.

I decided to go with tan as the base color, and I'm considering doing a green camo or striping pattern on top once the details are finished.  This is still very much work in progress, and I'll share more pictures as these models progress.  I'm hoping to use these as a testbed for weathering techniques.

Finally, I have a few pictures to share of my collections:

My table of Enterprises, featuring the 1707, Refit, 1701-B, 1701-C, 1701-D, and 1701-E.  Towering over them all, of course, is my gorgeous Diamond Select Excelsior NCC-2000, and my Galaxy Quest NSEA Protector.

On a shelf of my desk at home is my Star Wars display (and my router :P )  These mostly come from the X-Wing Miniatures game, and came pre-painted. This is a collection of my favorite ship models, and has one of everything (I do have several multiples packed away).  I absolutely love the giant Tantive IV!  Also featured in the center is my Star Destroyer from Studio Bergstrom, and my Darth Vader miniature from the old Star Wars Trivial Pursuit, which came with pewter figures of several characters to use as game pieces.  Sadly, the other miniatures have warped over time, but Vader stands strong.

That about does it for this week, thanks for checking it out!